FUN 15km


FUN 15km

Our "little" trail race that suits every participant.

It can be the first competition, a training or a nice walk with friends. It's a distance suitable for everyone with an easy but not trivial route.
Departure Saturday, June 22 at 10:00 am from the Adda Park of Lovero.
After a short stretch of asphalt you start to climb towards the Sentiero del Sole, which will be the protagonist for most of the track.

It's a historical path, used by our ancestors to move among different villages and cultivated fields. Spectacular is the passage to the Baitei, the only village in dry stone with a false dome present on the entire alpine arc.
Not less spectacular is the passage on the "Müracun" where the path leaves space to stones with a very particular coloration.

It's time for the first refreshment and the first village, Baruffini, located at about 4.5 km from the start. Crossing the ancient village, you return to the path, renamed over the years as the Bread Path, a fun trail between the two villages on the slopes of Mount Masuccio, Baruffini and Roncaiola.

Just outside the town, the 15km route crosses that of the longer races, continuing downhill to the Tirano refreshment point. Slight uphill to the panoramic Church of Santa Perpetua, to finish among the alleys of Villa di Tirano and the arrival of the DoppiaW Village.

This trial of DoppiaW has no time limit to allow all participants to have fun, with their times, on the FUN 15K course.

Refreshments and gates
FUN 15KM 700M D+ START 22/06/2023  10:00 LOVERO
  Refreshments Km Quota Height difference First passage Lastpassage
  Lovero 0 500 0 10.00  10.00
1 Baruffini 4,5  795 412 10.25  
2 Tirano 10 532 627 10.45  
  Villa di Tirano 15 416 730 11.15