A.S.D. DOPPIAW Via Statale dello Stelvio, 73 23037 Tirano (SO)


The "DoppiaW SKY 30 KM" foot race is a cross-border Ultra Trail along the alpine paths of Valtellina(I) and Valposchiavo(CH). Departure from Lovero (SO) and arrival in Villa di Tirano (SO) on July 2, 2022. Course in natural environment of about 30 km with a positive difference in altitude of about 2500 m. The race is intended for semi-self-sufficiency and is regulated by time gates and time limits.



The participating athlete must be fully aware of the environmental context in which the competition takes place and the technical difficulties of the race course. It is necessary to have appropriate mountain experience, to be well trained, to use appropriate equipment and clothing and to have recently participated in similar races.

  • The event is affiliated to the sports promotion body Csen (for the ITA territory).
  • The organisation has the right to participate in the race.
  • The organisation has the right not to accept the registration of competitors deemed unsuitable.
  • The event is affiliated to the Csen sports promotion body (for the ITA territory).



La DoppiaW Ultra 70km assegna 2 punti ITRA ed è gara qualificante per la OCC 50km di UTMB

Distanza Punteggio ITRA Mountain level Finisher Criteria
SKY 30km 2 punti 12 290


La semi-autosufficienza è definita come la capacità di essere autonomi tra due punti di ristoro, riferita alla sicurezza, all’alimentazione ed all’equipaggiamento, permettendo così di adattarsi ai problemi riscontrati, prevedibili o non prevedibili.


All athletes who have reached the age of 18 can register.


For the Italian territory

  • .
  • The athlete must be in good standing with the Csen, Fisky, FIDAL, Fidal Runcard, Fidal Mountain & Trail Runcard membership for the year 2022.
  • Or they must be in good standing with their membership of their foreign athletics federation for the year 2022. Declaration athlete licensed for a foreign federation
  • Those without a membership card can subscribe to the Csen membership card at an additional cost of 10 euros. CERTIFICATE OF FITNESS FOR AGONISTIC SPORTING ACTIVITIES FOR LIGHT ATHLETICS
  • All competitors resident in Italy (even if foreign) must be in possession of a certificate of fitness for athletics valid on the day of the race in accordance with the Italian regulations in force. The certificate must have been issued in Italy.
  • .
  • All competitors NOT resident in Italy but of Italian nationality must be in possession of a certificate of fitness for athletics valid on the day of the competition in accordance with current Italian regulations. The certificate must have been issued in Italy.
  • All competitors NOT resident in Italy and not of Italian nationality must be in possession of a certificate of fitness for athletics valid on the day of the competition or self-certify its possession, in accordance with current Italian regulations. Have a doctor in your country fill in and sign the form you can download here: Certificate of eligibility for participating in a competitive athletics event.
  • At the time of drafting the regulation, the obligation for each athlete to present a GREEN PASS (paper or digital) and a completed anti-covid-19 form to the staff assigned to deliver bibs is confirmed. In the event of changes to this procedure (or cancellation of this obligation) the regulation will be updated and the athletes will be notified.



  • Each athlete is strongly advised to have individual accident insurance to cover any costs of rescue and hospital services for Switzerland. Swiss rescue services are run by private companies such as REGA etc. and the costs of intervention are borne entirely by the athlete if their own insurance does not cover the services provided.
  • Swiss rescue services are operated by private companies such as REGA etc.




    La copia di visita di idoneità alla pratica sportiva per l’atletica leggera in corso di validità o l’autocertificazione di visita di idoneità alla pratica sportiva per l’atletica leggera ai sensi della normativa vigente italiana, se non consegnata all’atto dell’iscrizione, dovrà essere consegnata al ritiro del pettorale unitamente alla DICHIARAZIONE LIBERATORIA DI RESPONSABILITÀ firmata scaricabile qui: LIBERATORIA DI RESPONSABILITÀ (per tutti)


      Pettorali disponibili No. TARIFFA PROMO
    15/01/2022 ore 12:00
    31/03/2022 ore 23:59
    01/04/2022 00:00
    26/06/2022 23:59
    SKY 30KM 250 35 € 55 €

    Groups and companies of 10 persons or more are entitled to discounts on registration. For further information please write to

    The registration fee includes: §
    1. Race bib
    2. GPS transponder on loan (to be returned at the end of the race)
    . 3. Race package with typical local products
    4. Technical gadget
    5. Refreshments along the route
    6. Shower service, massages
    7. Post race meal
    8. Transport provided by the organisation


    Registration is done online via the registration link by SUNDAY 26 JUNE 2022 11:59 PM. Registration opening 15/01/2022 12:00 hrs.
    . Payment can be made by credit card, paypal, satispay, sofort, bank transfer.
    . Registration without payment will not be accepted. or
    Bank transfer:
    Beneficiary : OTC srl
    Iban : IT06J05584892710000003535
    Bic/Swift : BPMIITMMXXX
    Causal reason : DOPPIAW ULTRA TRAIL 70KM First and last name of the athlete.

    In case of bank transfer it is necessary to send the registration form with a copy of the payment + waiver and eventual sports medical certificate to the following email address: or fax: +39 031 2289708 The cost of the registration includes all the services described in this regulation + VAT but not the processing fees. (Credit card commission etc. to be paid by the participant). For information on registration write to:



    It will be carried out by OTC Srl (Official Timer MySDAM) with technology based on the use of "disposable chip" applied to the bib. Note: Failure to use or incorrect use of the chip will result in non-inclusion in the rankings and no time allocation.




    • Cancellation by 15 April 2022 to entitles you to a 50% refund of the fee.
    • Beyond this date no cancellation is possible.
    • After this date there will be no refund except in the case of accident or illness upon presentation of a medical certificate.
    • .
    • The bib number can be transferred up to 5 June 2022, subject to a request to and the payment of 10 euros for administrative costs.
    • The bib number cannot be transferred until 5 June 2022.
    • The registration fee cannot be deferred until the following year.
  • The

    The race packets will not be sent and can only be collected at the scheduled time by showing an identity document.

    The race packets will not be sent and can only be collected at the scheduled time by showing an identity document.


    In case of interruption or cancellation of the race for reasons of force majeure, weather, and/or chance, or for any other reason dependent or independent of the Organization, no refund will be due to the participants.




    At the time of bib collection, each competitor must present the following:


    At the time of bib collection, each competitor must present the following

    • A photo ID
    • .

    A photo ID.

    If not already sent at the time of registration:

    • A photo ID
    • Copy of the medical certificate
    • Membership card (as required in point 6) or sign up for the Csen membership card on site
    • .
    • DECLARATION OF LIABILITY RELEASE (or provided by the competition office)
    • .
    • You must show the officials all the material required for the control, before collecting the bib
    • .


    13. BIBS

    Each competitor will be given two numbered bibs to wear:

    • .
    • The main bib must be worn visibly and legibly on the ventral area or on the right thigh.
    • The secondary (small) bib must be worn on the back or on the rucksack.

    The bib number cannot be modified and must be worn for the duration of the race. The bib number is the pass required to access: 

    • .
    • Fueling areas
    • .
    • Retrieval of bags with change of clothes at mid-race km 36 Rifugio Malghera
    • .
    • Transport to Villa di Tirano in case of abandonment of the race. Personal bag collection in the finish area in Villa di Tirano (I).
    • Retrieval of race package and technical gadgets in the finish area in Villa di Tirano (I).
    • .
    • Drops and massages
    • Post race meal
    • Transports provided by the organisation

    14. TRACK GPS

    Each competitor of the TRAIL 70KM will receive before the start in Lovero a GPS which must be worn or carried in the backpack. The GPS must be kept on for the duration of the race (under penalty of disqualification). At the end of the race the GPS must be returned to the control staff in the finish area. If the GPS is not returned, the competitor will be charged a penalty of 150 euros.


    15. race packages and technical gadgets

    Race packs and technical gadgets will not be sent and can only be collected at the scheduled time as per the programme.



    • Each SKY 30KM competitor will receive a band with the bib number that will have to be attached to the personal bag that will be transported by the Organization to the finish area of the race, in Villa di Tirano.
    • The bag must be deposited in the race area.
    • The bag must be deposited at the start in Lovero in the collection area marked with "Villa di Tirano" by 08:30 on Saturday, July 2..

    No unmarked bags or bags with objects attached externally will be transported or accepted. It is recommended not to put fragile or valuable objects in the bag. The organisation is not responsible for any theft, loss or damage to the bags or their contents. Bags and sacks can only be collected on presentation of the race number and will not be delivered to the competitor's home in any way if they are not collected in the manner listed.



    • .
    • The runner must wear minimum suitable clothing including at least a technical T-shirt, trousers or ¾ tights or shorts with long socks and reflecting the prevailing weather conditions at the time of the race.
    • .
    • Competition bibs clearly visible throughout the duration of the race.
    • Trail-running shoe (category A5).

    In addition, it is obligatory for each runner to have the following equipment with them, either worn or placed in their rucksack, for the duration of the race:

    The following equipment is also required
    • Identity document / European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
    • .
    • Mobile phone with charged battery (Insert the Organization's emergency numbers, always keep it switched on, do not disguise the number, the phone must also always be switched on in Swiss territory for any communication between the Organization and the competitor)
    • .
    • GPS track provided by the organisation to be returned at the end of the race
    • .
    • A backpack with sufficient capacity to hold all the material.
    • Camelbag or bottle cage with a capacity of at least 1.0 l.
    • .
    • Personal water bottle or other container with a capacity of about 15 cl, suitable for drinking at refreshment posts.
    • A sufficient water reserve.
    • Sufficiente riserva idrica e alimentare per essere autonomi tra due ristori.
    • Giacca a guscio antipioggia con membrana impermeabile traspirante a cuciture termonastrate.
    • Micro pile o equivalente a maniche lunghe.
    • Calze adeguate.
    • Cappellino, berretto o bandana.
    • Guanti.
    • Coperta di sopravvivenza, min. 1.40 m x 2.0 m.
    • Benda elastica adesiva adatta a fare una fasciatura o strapping, min. 100 cm x 6 cm. 
    • Fischietto.
    • 20 Euro per imprevisti.


    • Indumenti di ricambio.
    • Occhiali da sole.
    • Pantaloni impermeabili
    • È consentito l’uso dei bastoncini.


    • Controllo materiale alla distribuzione pettorali per tutti i concorrenti.
    • Controllo materiale a campione prima della partenza e a fine gara in zona traguardo.
    • Surprise checks along the route of all compulsory material.



    • .
    • The participant must follow the regularly signposted route and pass all checkpoints.
    • .
    • Competitors may not leave the race course on their own initiative. They may also be forced to leave by the race director or by one of the medical staff present.
    • The abandonment of the race (on one's own initiative or forced) must take place at a control post, except for extreme reasons, by notifying the race controllers. The athlete is requested to follow the instructions of the control personnel for the return to the start or finish area.
    • .
    • In the event of an accident the athletes are obliged to render assistance to their colleagues in distress, respectively they have to alert the control post closest to the place of the accident. The jury will take into account the time spent for this assistance.
    • The race director or the race manager must be informed of the time spent.
    • The race director or marshals may oblige competitors, at any point along the course, to wear their windbreakers, headgear, or any other compulsory clothing or material.
    • .
    • The athletes are asked to behave in an environmentally friendly manner and to throw their rubbish into the containers in the refreshment areas (+/- 100 m). Competitors who are reported for misconduct and uncaring environmental behaviour will be disqualified.
    • .

    20. penalties and disqualifications



    • .
    • Leaving personal equipment along the route
    • .
    • Cutting or abandoning the route marked out by the organisers.
    • .
    • Missing or inadequate equipment and the non-use of the same if requested.
    • According to the organisers' instructions.


    • Not visible or manipulated breastplate
    • .
    • Refusal to comply with an order from the race direction, a race commissioner, a doctor or a first-aid post
    • .
    • Withdrawal of external aids outside the designated areas. (Refreshments +/- 100 m) - Failure to pass a control point.
    • .
    • Leaving waste by the athlete outside the refreshment areas (+/- 100 m).
    • .
    • Unsportsmanlike conduct. 
    • .
    • Dangerous conduct.
    • .
    • False identity. Sharing and/or exchange of bib number.
    • Refusal to submit to doping controls or positive doping control test.
    • .
    • Definition to participate in the prize-giving ceremony without just cause.
    • Definition to participate in the prize-giving ceremony without just cause.
    • Exceeding the maximum time limit. (Time barriers)

    21. APPEALS

    They must be made in writing, marked with the name of the complainant and the bib number, at the finish line or immediately after the publication of the provisional results. A deposit of € 20 will be requested which will be refunded if the complaint is accepted. Complaints cannot be made more than one hour after the publication of the provisional results.


    22. JURY

    The jury is composed of:
    - Race director
    - Course or safety director
    - President of the Organising Committee

    23. ROUTE

    The route of the DoppiaW ULTRA SKY 30KM can be seen on the routes page. The race route follows mule tracks and single tracks which are easy to run, but also some short passages on the crest, sometimes exposed but equipped with fixed ropes and assisted by the organisation's staff.

    The presence of snow stretches above 2000 m above sea level cannot be excluded.

    • In case of bad weather or impracticability of the paths, an emergency route is planned which will be presented at the pre-race briefing.
    • Competitors must strictly adhere to the marked race route, avoiding taking shortcuts or cutting sections of the route. Any departure from the official route, as well as resulting in disqualification from the finishing order, will be at the sole risk of the competitor.

    Map / GPX file

    24. DISTANZE

    SKY 30KM

    Lunghezza: 30,8 km

    D+: 2570 m | D-: 2670 m


    Partenza: ore 09:00 I Arrivo: ore 18:00
    Tempo massimo per concludere la gara: 9:00 ore


    Cancello km ore di gara orario
    Rifugio schiazzera 9.2 3 12:00
    Villa di Tirano 30 9 18:00

    In caso di cattive condizioni meteorologiche e/o per ragioni di sicurezza, l’Organizzazione si riserva il diritto di sospendere la prova in corso o di modificare le barriere orarie.

    23. RISTORI

    • There will be 5 official refreshment posts
    • .
    • Access to the refreshment post is exclusively for competitors (clearly visible bib number)
    • .
    • Drinking directly from the refreshment bottles is forbidden. No glasses will be available.
    • Each athlete must have at his disposal, at the exit of each refreshment post, the quantity of water and foodstuffs necessary to reach the next refreshment post.



    • Assistance during the race by accompanying persons is only allowed at the 5 official refreshment posts. (approx. +/- 100 m) Companions must not in any way obstruct the passage of other athletes and the normal course of the race. CANCEL KM RACE HOURS SCHIAZZERA REFUGE 9,2 3 12:00 VILLA DI TIRANO 30 9 18:00
    • Assistance during the race is forbidden. It is forbidden to benefit from external help outside the fixed areas (5 refreshment posts). Disqualification penalty!


    • .
    • The refreshment area will be delimited with tape and marked with a sign about 100 m before and about 100 m after the refreshment point.
    • The route will be marked with a sign.
    • The route will be marked with directional arrows, flags and tape.
  • The refreshment area will be marked with a sign about 100 m before and about 100 m after the refreshment point.

    All markings will be removed immediately after the passage of the last competitor and in the hours immediately following the end of the race.

    The course will be marked with directional arrows, flags and tape.



    • A first aid station is established at the most important points identified by the organisers, and in any case at the refreshment posts.
    • The rescue posts are intended to provide assistance to all persons in danger.
    • Rescue crews are authorised to evacuate runners judged to be in danger by all means at their convenience.
    • The rescue stations are intended to provide assistance to all persons in danger.
    • In case of necessity, for reasons which are in the best interest of the rescued person, in the judgement of the organisation and having obtained the opinion of the medical staff, the official rescue service will be called upon, which will take over the management of the operations and will deploy all appropriate means, including the helicopter. Any costs arising from the use of these exceptional means shall be borne by the rescued person.
    • A medical staff and a doctor will be present in the arrival area.
    • The arrival area will be at the disposal of the rescued person.



    The control points of the athletes' passages are at the official refuelling areas. The organisers reserve the right to carry out additional checks along the route.



    • Official rescue personnel are authorised to stop runners judged unfit to continue the race and to withdraw their bib number.
    • .
    • A runner who appeals to a doctor or to medical staff submits himself de facto to their authority and undertakes to respect their decisions.
    • The runner who has appealed to a doctor or to medical staff submits himself de facto to their authority and undertakes to respect their decisions.
    • A runner who is obliged to stop for medical reasons and who does not comply with the decision taken by the medical staff is no longer under the responsibility of the organisation and loses all rights to the services it provides.
    • The organiser requires the competitor to respect the rules of integrity and sporting ethics. The competitor abstains from all doping practices.
    • The organiser requires the competitor to respect the rules of integrity and sporting ethics.
    • The WADA list of prohibited substances and methods (substances and methods prohibited in competitions en/) in force on the date of the competition applies. The Organiser reserves the right to carry out Anti-doping checks.
    • The participants declare that they are not participating in the competition. Participants declare themselves willing to submit to such checks if necessary.




    • In case of abandonment of the race along the course, the competitor is obliged to go to the nearest control point and communicate his abandonment by registering. Whoever abandons the race without communicating it immediately, causing the start of a search by the rescue personnel, will have to bear all the consequent expenses.
    • The organization will take care of the return of the runner to Villa di Tirano from 1 control point.
    • Km 9,2 Rifugio Schiazzera
    • It is possible that, for logistic reasons, the withdrawn runners will have to wait a while before being brought back to the finish area



    • Maschile assoluta
    • Femminile assoluta


    Le classifiche saranno esposte in zona arrivo e si potranno scaricare dal sito Sarà redatta una classifica generale uomini e una generale donne




    1 200€


    2 120€ 120€
    3 80€ 80€

    I premi in denaro vengono consegnati solo durante la premiazione ufficiale.


    L’organizzazione garantisce il trasporto degli atleti da Villa di Tirano (sede dell’arrivo) a Lovero (sede della partenza) solo ed esclusivamente negli orari indicati dalla seguente tabella e solo per la partenza della gara. Sarà necessario inserire la preferenza in fase di iscrizione. Non sarà garantito il trasporto a fine gara da Villa di Tirano a Lovero.

    TIRANO (PIAZZA MARINOINI) ORE 07:45 02/07/2022
    LOVERO (PARCO DELL’ADDA) ORE 08:00 02/07/2022



    ASD DoppiaW organizes for Friday evening at 18:00 the pasta party at the Village of Villa di Tirano. The pasta party is not included in the cost of registration and the preference must be indicated during registration.


    34. Overnight stay

    It will be possible to stay overnight for free (Friday 1 July) in the structure of the Centro Polifunzionale di Villa di Tirano. More info at the bib collection. To be reserved during registration.


    The participant must be privately insured against illness, accidents and other damages. The insurance must also cover any rescue and hospital costs in Italy and Switzerland. Swiss rescue services are run by private companies such as REGA and the costs of intervention are borne entirely by the athlete if his own insurance does not cover the services provided. The cost of rescue in the event of an accident is not borne by the organisation.

    In the event of an emergency, for reasons that are always in the best interests of the rescued person, the official rescue service will intervene, which will then take over the operational management and organise all appropriate means, including helicopter rescue. The costs arising from the use of these exceptional means will be borne by the rescued person, who will also have to bear the costs of his or her return from the rescue site. It is the responsibility of the participant to prepare a dossier within the deadline and send it to his private insurer. If the organisation had to pay the rescue costs itself, these will be reimbursed to the organisation by the participant or his insurance company. Contact your health/accident or health insurance company to find out if your current cover is sufficient or if you need accident insurance, covering rescue costs as well as hospital costs, limited to the day of the race.


    By registering, participants agree to the publication of their name, surname, year of birth, place of residence, nationality, bib number, team, race time and placing in the starting lists and rankings of the event. This consent is valid for publication on the internet, in print media, on TV or social channels, in speaker announcements and for posting start lists or rankings during the event. By registering, competitors renounce all rights of image and speech granted to radio, television, publishing houses and advertising in general. They also authorise the organisation to use, free of charge and without territorial or time limits, still and moving images of them during their participation in the Doppia W Ultra. It will not be possible to select photographs or films to obscure the faces of people who do not wish to appear on them. Participation in the race does not grant participants the right to use the race and/or its name for advertising or commercial purposes or to transfer these rights to third parties. Any communication outside the private circle relating to the event or using the images of the event is not permitted without the express written permission of the organisers, who will lay down the conditions for this.


    The athlete, aware of the responsibility for false statements, acknowledges and confirms that he/she has taken direct vision of the race route and to have considered it, to the full extent of their powers, fully appropriate to their technical level; well aware that the above-mentioned route has sections with fixed ropes and exposed passages, even if assisted by the staff of the organization.


    The athlete must


    • .
    • that he/she is in possession of a skyrunning curriculum suitable for the competition he/she is enrolling in, having also taken part in similar events in the recent past and in any case boasting mountain experience suitable for tackling the above-mentioned route. -
    • .
    • to have been duly informed by the organisers of the potential danger of the event, which takes place in a mountain environment with the consequent ineliminable objective dangers for all competitors, and to intend, in view of this awareness, to assume the risk as well.
    • to expressly exempt the organisers and all persons or institutions involved in the organisation, including, but not limited to, the organisation's committees and staff, authorised representatives, contractors, assistants, including volunteers to the fullest extent permitted by law, from any liability for slight negligence in respect of any accident suffered by the athlete himself and from any liability, whether civil or criminal, for damage to persons and/or property caused by him. In particular, any liability for luggage carried by the organisation is excluded. The organisation also rejects any liability towards spectators or third parties for damage of any kind.



    The present regulations have absolute validity over any other erroneous, incomplete or different information that may be found on sites or social media related in any way to this event. The version in the Italian language is definitive. These regulations are to be considered provisional and may be implemented and/or modified if required by anti-covidium regulations for the proper running of the event