Daniel Jung & Melissa Paganelli dominate the 3rd edition

Daniel Jung from South Tyrol and Melissa Paganelli from Bergamo won the third edition of the 71k, the main race of the Doppia W Ultra. Donatello Rota from Bergamo and the "local" Lucia Moraschinelli engraved their names in the 33km sky race (2400 m D+), while Marco Pruneri and Samantha Bertolina won the 16k race. There was also a non-competitive 11km race with about seventy trekkers accompanied by volunteers from the association "Camminando Camminando".

Four routes, 490 competitors, athletes from 16 nations are the numbers of the third edition of the ultra designed on the border paths between Italy and Switzerland. As scheduled, the first to leave, at the crack of dawn, were the 158 of the 71K. Awaiting them was a new itinerary, muscular and really suggestive with 5000 m D+ that brought them to Rifugio Schiazzera and to the Poschiavo lake with a double passage in the Swiss location of San Romerio. At the start some big names of the national scene as Dani Jung, Luca Manfredi Negri, Luca Carrara, Melissa Paganelli, Gianluca Galeati and many fans who have earned on the field the four points Itra (International Trail Running Association) with which this path was evaluated.


After the successes of Michele Tavernaro from Trentino and Riccardo Montani from Piedmont, it was the turn of the South Tyrolean Daniel Jung to sign the roll of gold on the distance prince of the Double W. The athlete of Team Karpos/Scarpa set the maximum distance possible with his direct pursuer, the never tame Luca Manfredi Negri. On the way back, Negri tried to catch up with him, but Jung was able to manage until the finish line in Villa, where he was welcomed by a warm crowd that accompanied him to success to the sound of cowbells. The winner of the Garda Trentino Trail stopped the clock at 7h58'27". Second place for the excellent Manfred Negri (8h05'13"), while third was another experienced trailer Luca Carrara from Bergamo (8h27'54"). Completing the top five of the day were Gianluca Galeati from Romagna and the Argentinean Dardo Emanuel.

In the women's race never in discussion. Melissa Paganelli took the lead and never gave up the lead in the pink race. Her victory was legitimized by a time of 10h35'33" Behind her, second place went to Jenny Andreola in 12h9'32". Third was Valentina Moderana in 12h16'03". 


Woe to call it a side event, the "sky" version of the Double W included 33km with a positive height gain of 2400m. No doubt, no uncertainty. The two winners of the day, Donatello Rota and Lucia Moraschinelli took the lead, progressively detaching their direct adversaries. For the orobic athlete a final time of 3h25'36". The second step of the podium was taken by Alessandro Bonanomi in 3h40'00", while the third place went to Jean Pierre Pedrotti in 3h47'26".

In the female category, Lucia Moraschinelli was applauded at the finish line (4h09'20"). Behind her were Fabiola Conti, 2nd in 4h22'09" and Denise Scherini, 3rd in 4h26'53".


Great heat and fast pace even on the 16k with passage in Baruffini, Roncaiola, "I Cioca" and the castle of Piattamara. Here the first to cross the finish line in Villa di Tirano in the late morning was Marco Pruneri from Livigno in 1h17'31". On the podium with him were Pietro Mosconi 1h20'47" and Tommaso Franchi 1h21'34".

In the women's category, Samantha Bertolina, the young star of the Italian skialp, finished in 1h23'35" and managed to keep behind the Olympic cross-country skier Marianna Longa in 1h26'13". Third place went to Katia Aprile in 1h30'56".