1. organization

ITALY : Castelraider ASD, Via Fazzinelli 17, 23030 Castello dell’ Acqua (SO)

SWITZERLAND: Sportiva Palü Poschiavo, Campiglioni 29, 7745 Li Curt (GR)


The “Doppia W, ULTRA 60” is a cross-border ultra skymarathon running race that follows mountain trails in Valtellina (IT) and Valposchiavo (CH). The start and finish alternate on a yearly basis between Tirano (IT) and Poschiavo (CH).

The recreational running race NORDIC follows the final 15 km of the Ultra 60 race route. It is run in natural surroundings of historic and cultural importance in Italy. There is roughly 500 metres of elevation gain. The start is situated in Rogorbello, a fraction of Vervio

Athletes are reminded to pay due care and attention while running and ensuring that they give precedence to participants of the Ultra 60 and the STF2/STF3 relays.

3. participation

The athlete has to e fully aware of the landscape through which the route passes.

Participation in the non-competitive NORDIC event is open to everyone. Entrants below the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult. Medical certificates and licences for athletics federations are not required, although medical certificates are advisable.

Liability release form download here.

  • The race is affiliated to the Csen sports association (Italian territory).

  • The organisation have the right to refuse entry to any entrants considered unfit for the event.

4. SEMI self-sufficiency

Semi self-sufficiency is defined as the capacity to maintain oneself without outside aid for the period between two feed stations. It refers to a person’s safety and wellbeing, nutrition, equipment, and ability to adapt to problematic situations that may arise, with or without prior warning (inclement weather, physical discomfort, injury, etc.)

5. entry fees IN EURO


No. of start places available




25 €

Entry fees include:

  1. Race number

  2. Race bag with regional produce

  3. Commemorative gift

  4. Feed stations in the race

  5. Showers

  6. Post-race meal

  7. Race transport from Tirano to Rogorbello

6. How to register

Registrations can be completed online until 24.00 on Sunday 26th May 2019. Entries open at 12.00 midday on 01.01.2019 (

Payment can be made by credit card, Paypay, Satispay, Sofort, or by bank transfer. Registrations are not valid until paid.

Bank transfer:

Recipient : OTC srl
Iban : IT06J0558489271000000003535

Reference: Nordic 2019 + full name of the athlete

In the case of a bank transfer, athletes are required to email their entry form, proof of payment, the liability release form and a medical certificate (if the athlete has one) to or by fax: +39 031 2289708

The entry fee includes all of the services detailed in these rules and the VAT, but excludes transaction costs. Credit card fees and exchange rates are the responsibility of the athlete.

For more information, email:

6A. timekeeping

OTC Srl (Official Timer MySDAM) are responsible for the race timing and it will be carried out with disposable chip timing, affixed to the race number.

Please note: In the event of an incorrectly used, or missing chip during an athlete’s participation in the race, the athlete’s race time will not be recorded.

7. withdrawals and cancellations


  • Early race withdrawals when announced before the 28th February 2019 in an email to will be reimbursed 50% of their entry fee.

  • After this date, no reimbursements for withdrawals unless medically certified will be given.

  • Race numbers may be transferred before 30th April 2019 by emailing for the cost of 10 Euro for the administrative fees.

  • Deferrals to next year’s race are not permitted.

Race bags will not be posted in advance of the race and must be collected with proof of identity in the designated time slots as displayed in the programme.


The race organiser may choose to suspend or prematurely end the race at any moment in the interests of athletes’ safety for reasons of force majeure, weather, or unforeseeable circumstances, for reasons outside the control of the organization. In the case of cancellation, entry fees will not be reimbursed.

8. race number collection

Race numbers can be collected from the Sala Banca Popolare, Piazza Cavour in Tirano. Upon collection, each athlete must present the following:

– Valid identity document with photo

race numbers

Each competitor will be given a race number to be worn throughout the entirety of the race:

  • The race number must be worn on the chest or top right leg, in a visible position.

Race numbers must be visible throughout the entire race and may not be folded, disguised or distorted in any way.

Your race number also serves as an access pass to the following zones:

  • Bus transport from Tirano to Rogorbello (departing at 7:45 from Piazza Marinoni)

  • Bag retrieval zone in Tirano (IT)

  • Feed zones

  • Showers

  • Post-race meal

race bags and commemorative gift

All race bags and commemorative gifts will be distributed alongside an athlete’s race number.

Race bags and the commemorative gift may only be collected during the official opening times. These will not be posted to participants.

bag drop (at start)

  • Each participant in the Nordic will receive a label with their race number. This strap must be attached to your bag containing personal items that will be transported to the finish zone in Piazza Cavour, Tirano (IT).

Unlabelled bags, non race-issue bags and bags with items attached externally will not be transported. Please avoid putting valuables or fragile objects in the kit bag for bag drop.

The organising committee do not accept any responsibility in the event of loss or damage during the transport of the bags.

Bags may only be collected upon presentation of an athlete’s race number.

9. obligatory kit

  • Visible race number worn throughout the entire race.

  • Fully functioning mobile phone–set on silent.

  • Participants must be appropriately attired with kit that is suitable for the day’s prevalent weather conditions. The Nordic event takes place between 400 – 900 m s. l.

  • Trail running shoes (category A5) or hiking shoes. More broadly speaking, any shoes that are suitable for off-road trails and mule tracks.

Advisable kit:

  • Waterproof jacket

  • Microfiber top with long sleeves

  • Suitable socks

  • Cap or hat

  • Sunglasses

  • 20 Euro for unforeseen circumstances

  • The use of poles is permitted.

10. Athlete behaviour

  • Athletes must adhere to, and follow, the designated marked route, passing correctly through each checkpoint.

  • In the event of early withdrawal from the race, the athlete must continue to the closest staffed checkpoint unless unable. The checkpoint staff will organise the athlete’s safe return to the start or finish zones.

  • In the event of an incident or injury, athletes are obliged to help their fellow participants–this involves alerting the nearest staffed checkpoint. The jury will account for any time lost in such a case.

  • Athletes are requested to behave in an eco-friendly manner; this involves using the provided rubbish bins at the feed stations (+/- 100 m). Athletes that do not adhere to these rules or who act inappropriately may risk disqualification.

11. the route

The route of the non-competitive Nordic event is displayed on the routes page.

The race route departs from the fraction of Rogorbello in the commune of Vervio. From here, it follows mule tracks and trails through vineyards and fruit orchards, through picturesque small villages and residences of outlying Tirano including Baruffini, Roncaiola, and Santa Perpetua. The finish line is in Piazza Cavour in the historical centre of Tirano.

  • Athletes must adhere to the marked race route at all times. Short-cuts, or cutting corners, are not permitted. Deviating from the marked route will result not only in the disqualification of the athlete from the results, but also puts the athlete at risk.

Download the map / GPX file


12. the distance


Distance : 15 km

Elevation gain + : 500 m | Descending - : 800 m

13. time limits

The time limit for the non-competitive Nordic event coincides with the closure of the event at 21.30.

The Nordic event starts at 8.30 in Rogorbello, a fraction of Vervio.

14. Feed stations

  • Exclusively accessible to participants (with a clearly visible race number)

  • Athletes may not drink directly from the bottles at the feed station tables. Cups will be provided.



Distance from start in KM




Hot tea (in the event of bad weather)




Chocolate, biscuits, dried fruit


Pasta with broth, wholemeal bread, cheese.

Fruit juice

































Castello di Piattamala






























Should a participant have outside assistance or a support crew, these must not hinder the passage of other runners or interrupt the race in any way.

15. signage and route markings

  • Each kilometre will be individually marked in the final 10 kilometres.

  • Feed stations will be marked with tape. The limits around the feed station (100 metres before and after) will be signposted.

  • The route will be marked with arrows, tape, and flags.

Each route marking will be removed as soon as the final competitor has passed.

16. safety / controls and wellbeing


  • At certain points determined by the race organizers and in relation to the feed stations, there will be rescue call-out posts.

  • The rescue posts are equipped to assist any person in danger.

  • The rescuers are equipped to bring any person judged to be in danger to safety using the means at their disposal.

  • If deemed necessary, the organisers and medical staff will assess the situation and call in official rescue services, who will take over the operation with all means necessary, including helicopters. All of these exceptional methods will incur costs for which the rescued person is responsible.

  • A doctor and first aiders will be present at the finish zone.



Checkpoints correspond with official feed stations. The organisation reserves the right to insert additional controls along the route.


  • Race officials may, at any point in the race, deem an athlete incapable of finishing the race and duly remove their race number.

  • Athletes who request help from medical staff have to abide by the decision of the staff.

  • Should an athlete be obliged to withdraw for medical reasons, but chooses not to adhere to the medical staff’s decision, this athlete is deemed to be outside the responsibility of the race and therefore loses the rights to any services included.

17. withdrawalS and RETURNING

  • In the event of early withdrawal from the race, an athlete must inform the closest staffed checkpoint, who will invalidate his or her race number. Failure to notify a withdrawal immediately, or as soon as feasibly possible, is to be avoided. Any consequent search operations for a participant will be at the cost of the athlete involved.


lost and found?

Send any inquiries to

18. results

The results will be compiled in alphabetical order with race timings given.

Results will be displayed in the finish zone and can be downloaded from the website at

19. prizes

Three spot prizes will be awarded at random amongst all of the participants of the Nordic.

All prizes must be collected during the official prize-giving ceremony of the Doppia W.

20. health and injury insurance

All athletes to be in possession of valid injury insurance.

It is recommended that you contact your health or accident insurance provider to ascertain whether your current policy is sufficient or if you will need to take out additional cover for medical or rescue services valid on the day of the race.

The organisation declines any responsibility or costs arising from injury, or health issues, etc. of participants.

21. privacy and image rights

The organisation retains the personal data of the athletes confidentially and will not pass these onto any third-party organisations. By registering for this race, participants authorize the use of photography, audio or video that include his/her image for promotional, editorial, or other reasons deemed to be in the best interest of the event. Entrants grant the race organizers the unlimited right to appropriate free use, without geographical restrictions, of his/her moving or still image as related to the DOPPIA W Ultra 60. Any and all such photographs, motion pictures, or recordings of the event from the DOPPIA W Ultra 60 are the sole property of the race organizers. The obscuring of individuals from photographs or motion pictures will not be possible.

22. declaration

The athlete recognises and confirms to have read and understood the race information and is fully aware of the dangers of false statements.

Furthermore, the athlete understands the nature and route of the race, and declares that he/she has the necessary competences to complete the Nordic;

  • that he/she possesses sufficient experience relevant to a running race; the athlete confirms that he/she has taken part in similar events in the recent past with regards to the physical exertion and technical difficulty; that he/she possesses the relevant mountain experience and skills to negotiate and avoid hazards on the abovementioned course;

  • that he/she has received the necessary guidance from the event organisers with regards to the potential dangers of the event due to its semi-mountainous nature and potentially unavoidable natural dangers to all the participants and attests that he/she is in full knowledge of the risks involved as pointed out by the event organisers and assumes those risks.

  • that he/she expressly exonerates the organizers from all liability caused by negligence regarding any potential loss or further consequences that the athlete sustains.

  • By enrolling, the participant releases the organizers from any liability, both civil and criminal, for personal injury and/or damage caused by him/herself or indirectly.

23. priority of rules

The rules and regulations presented in this document take precedence over any version or information found on social media or elsewhere online that differs to this document. The Italian language version is definitive.